Cosmetic facial procedures are very sought after and comprise the bulk of aesthetic interventions performed worldwide. Simply because the eyes are the first thing we look at when we meet somebody, the eyes and face are deemed to be the part of our body we spend the most effort on. When looking for an aesthetic eyelid procedure, the oculoplastic surgeon is your go-to specialist. A fellowship-trained oculoplastic surgeon knows how to evaluate your eyes as well as your face and all its aesthetic components, of which the area around the eyes is simply the most important one. This has been scientifically proven by studies on eye movement tracking when looking at photographs of people we have never met before. The vast majority of time people spent scanning these photographs, was spent looking at the eyes and the area around the eyes.

For more information on the most commonly performed eyelid procedures, see the section on Blepharoplasty and Lower Eyelid Bags. In an orienting first consultation further information will be provided, as the surgical approach differs from person to person and is always tailored to fit your specific needs.


We always aim for natural results where function and aesthetics go hand in hand!