El Reencuentro

It was great to receive dr. Otto Wolter in my new hometown of BCN!

September 2021

van der Veen eyelid surgery Barcelona

Dr. Otto Wolter received me already 15 years ago in his beautiful Aruba Eye Institute on undoubtedly on of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, Aruba. Also known as ´The Happy Island´, and believe me, after visiting it you will understand why. The happiness of the island´s inhabitants, and the incredible positivity and enthusiasm that Otto has for ophthalmology and life in general rubs off on you. I instantly fell in love with the most beautiful and gratifying profession in the world. Now he lives and works already for more than 10 years in the Netherlands and is one of the most renowned and innovative refractive surgeons in Europe. As I have ´drifted away´ into what for me is the pearl of all specialties, oculoplastic and orbital surgery, we unfortunately do not meet in many work related venues.

We have now found another common ground in BCN: sunshine, good food and great company! Thank you Otto for your friendship and guidance over the last decade and a half!