Dr. van der Veen lectures on advanced solutions for the tearing eye

Tranend oog

March 18th dr. van der Veen had the pleasure on lecturing on advanced treatments for the tearing eye. A problem often perceived as innocent by the ophthalmologist, but something that can greatly affect the quality of life of the patient that suffers from it on a daily bases. Studies have shown that people even perceive as much inconvenience from a chronically tearing eye as they do from a dense cataract.

One of the solutions for a tearing eye is the implantation of a Jones tube © as is indicated in the picture on the right. A small glass tube is implanted from the nasal corner of the eye, directly to the nasal cavity. This provides an unobstructed drainage of the tears and can greatly improve a patients quality of life. Furthermore, it is a simple procedure, that usually involves a very short postoperative period and the effect is immediate.

Already performing this treatment in private practice, we are now delighted to also offer this in our affiliated hospitals in Barcelona. For more information on dry or tearing eyes, make sure to check out our section on Watery Eye.