We presented 2 interesting cases where surgery has NOT been the answer at the SECPOO convention in Santiago de Compostela

Dr. van der Veen and colleagues presented two posters on interesting and challenging oculoplastic and orbital cases, where, although less common, surgery was not the solution for the patient.

The Spanish Oculoplastic Society (Sociedad Española de la Cirugía Plastica Ocular y Orbita; SECPOO) of which dr. van der Veen is a member, was able to host a presencial meeting for the first time in three years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a very succesful meeting both in terms of attendance and quality of presentations. 

Eyelid tumor surgery

We were happy to contribute with posters on two interesting cases, the first of which was an elderly lady that because of comorbidity could not undergo surgery for a large and rapidly growing Basal Cell Carcinoma occupying her entire lower eyelid and involving part of her cheek. She was treated with novel medication that brakes tumor growth and rapidly diminished her lesion. Although this medication has some side effects, it has proven to be a good way to treat unresectable facial Basal Cell Carcinomas, showing almost complete remission in this case.

Our second case handles a 80 year old patient that presented to our service with severe edema of the ocular mucosa, redness and immobility of both eyes with a lot of pain. On CAT scan he proved to have enlargement of all his extraocular muscles, leading to a rapid increase in pressure of the orbital tissues and fierce edema and pain. Having seen this presentation twice before, we were able to make a rapid diagnosis of an extremely rare presentation of a renal tumor causing an inflammatory respons in both orbits (orbital panmyositis), and we were happy to be provided a platform to share this knowledge with other orbital surgeons. Looking forward to the next meeting!

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